Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yepsen I LOVE ME


This year’s 43rd NYS Senate race has two very distinctive and polar opposites running against each other. First and foremost we have the incumbent Senator Roy McDonald who is the everyman candidate. Roy is a devoted husband and father. He is also a Vietnam War Vet. During Roy’s time in elected office he has been a champion of those who can’t help themselves; his latest endeavor in this field has been to help draft new legislation to guarantee health insurance companies in NYS cover people with Autism.
Roy also donates too many local charities. This year Roy was instrumental in preventing NYS government from closing down and causing many hardships for those people that use these needed services while his opponent was raising money from insurance companies for her election race. That’s right while Roy was working for us, while Joanne Yepsen was working for herself.

Roy makes no false claims about himself unlike Yepsen in her U-Tube video. Yepsen implies that she is already a NYS Senator. Yepsen one of two City of Saratoga Springs County Supervisors, has no voting power in the city. Also one only has to look at her record at the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors to realize that she has never introduced any legislation at the county level. That’s right not one original idea or effort aimed at the people she allegedly serves. She claims to have brought “Pro-Serve” (discount insurance card the Saratoga Board of Supervisors now offers to county residents for free) to the Board of Saratoga County Supervisors. All she did was mention Pro Serve during a open meeting of the board, but it was already being worked on by two other supervisors for a full month prior to Yepsen claiming it was hers. Just a note her last fundraiser was sponsored in part by Pro-Serve. So who does Yepsen work for us, the insurance companies or just herself?

What do we want in November a representative that works for us (Roy McDonald) or one that works for herself (Joanne Yepsen)? Do we want the Real Deal, Roy McDonald or Joanne Yepsen?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Which Joanne Yepsen??

Which Joanne Yepsen is running against Roy McDonald in the 43rd NYS Senate Seat? Yepsen claims to work for the people but has done nothing for them. Two sides of the same coin. She claims to be Pro Saratoga Horse Racing yet has done nothing to secure a 2010 season. After all she claims to have close ties to Governor Paterson, yet nothing to help Saratoga Springs. Now why would that be? At the Saratoga County level Ms. Yepsen continues to be a no show and has not introduced any new legislation. Yet she claims to be hard working. The real question is working hard at what? She does appear to be working hard to get a higher political office.

In the Democratic Party in Saratoga Springs and Saratoga County Yepsen likes to play both sides of the fence. She worked against Tom McTygue but yet now seeks his support for her run for the 43rd. What happened to Charter reform in the City of Saratoga Springs? Yepsen wanted that just like Val Keene did yet nothing happened.

Yepsen claims to be a "Progressive" with ties to Albany insiders yet nothing has come to help Saratoga Springs. Is having ties to Albany a good thing? Yepsen has supported Joe Bruno, David Paterson and Elliott Spitzer. What do all three have in common? The answer is the culture of corruption.

What does Yepsen stand for? Does she want Albany to continue with its culture of corruption in state government? She has never spoken out on ethics reform in state government. What is her view on NYS fiscal crisis? How does she plan on solving it? What does she want to cut from the NYS Budget? Does she want to raise our taxes?

This is the same person who wanted to run for congress 2 yrs ago but could not even fill out her petition correctly. This is the same candidate who wanted to run for Mayor of Saratoga Springs but was stopped by Val Keene and Ron Kim. This is the same candidate that wanted to run for Jim Tedisco Assembly Seat but was sent packing by the NYS Democrats in the Assembly. Now we are to believe she wants to run for the 43rd NYS Senate Seat. She appears to be just a politician looking for higher office all the time. Does the 43rd really need another carrier hack looking out for their next office or do we need a candidate that will work for the people?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jasper Nolan Broke MY Heart

. Patrick Ziegler this week got a real taste of what the Saratoga County GOP is all about. Sorry to say it is not about Ziegler. Ziegler was betrayed by the Ballston GOP and the Saratoga County GOP. You see Patrick is considered a loose cannon because he does not play by Jasper’s rules. The Ballston GOP continues to let Jasper pull the strings. Jasper wants a win in the 20th and feels Gibson is his best shot, but Jasper also was the man behind John Sweeney. And we all know what happen to John.

No one is comparing Gibson to Sweeney except maybe Jasper. Patrick Ziegler went to bat for Hynes and her little water project just like Jasper wanted. They attacked Supervisor Southworth and look what it got him. He got used just like the taxpayer of Ballston will get used by Jasper. I am sure Patrick Ziegler heart is in the right place but he will never get elected for anything if he continues to march to Jasper’s GOP.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Patrick Ziegler blowing SMOKE

Ziegler smoke and mirrors

Patrick Ziegler wants us to believe he is an outsider to politics and truly wants as little government as possible. This is not supported by the facts and past history. If he is so opposed to government why has he spent the last six years working to get into government?

Mr. Ziegler is pumping out a lot of smoke as a reformer when in fact he is nothing more than part of the problem with our political parties being so polarized.

Mr. Ziegler proclaims to be anti-government and a tea party “activist”. Ziegler proclaims to be against the national healthcare reform because it is more government. How can this be, when his own family uses public assistance? Which Patrick Ziegler is running for Congress? Is it the Tea Party Activist who wants as little government as possible or is it the Patrick Ziegler that uses government aid?

Mr. Ziegler proclaims to be and independent republican. How can this be true? In fact Mr. Ziegler for his entire political career has been that of a political hack doing the bidding of his political bosses. He has even infiltrate the local tea party to get them to do the gop’s dirty work. Is this the type of person we want as congressman?
Ziegler is nothing more than a political opportunist working for his political boss, Jasper Nolan. Attention Jasper how’s your last puppet John Sweeny doing in jail? We want real congressman in office not puppets.

Friday, February 19, 2010

John Mellencamp for U.S. Senate

John Mellencamp for Senate

Indiana could not get a better Senator than John Mellencamp.
John is one of the great champions of small-town America. His voice has always been for the working people. Mellencamp has also been a champion of farmers, he has put his talent, his body and his money behind his words. What separates John from others that might run are his honesty and his connection with the Hartland of America.

Mellencamp would make an excellent U.S. Senator because he cares about the people and is not afraid to fight for what is right. Mellencamp will fight for us he won’t back down he will stand his ground.

John Mellencamp knows we live in a “Troubled Land” and we as Americans need to work together to solve the problems our country faces.
We can’t afford a U.S. Senate that is so polarized by political parties that it can’t function. Beware the political party that will drag us down with hate and fear. Its time to stop “Yelling at the Moon”. We need people who can work together for the common good of all. Now is the time for men of action that truly represent the People of America.

Your great state of Indian needs you. The People of America need you. Your Uncle Sam needs you John.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hello and welcome to Ballston and beyond

This blog is dedicated to America and all it holds true. We are in a time of crisis politically and economically in the USA. The truth has never been more important. At this Blog we will expose the truth. Topics on this blog will be both local and national in nature. Articles will enlighten and entertain but must of all they will give you the information needed to know the complete story.

This area is rich in history that has made America great. Uncle Sam is our symbol! Uncle Sam is a real local symbol of freedom and truth in America and he is our voice on this blog. We chose him because he has always fought for the people of this country.

We the citizens must hold our elected officials accountable! This great country stands at a turning point and an informed public is a must. This is our country and we need to fight to preserve her. The best way to fight is with the truth, and that is what we shall bring you.

Uncle Sam