Monday, May 3, 2010

Which Joanne Yepsen??

Which Joanne Yepsen is running against Roy McDonald in the 43rd NYS Senate Seat? Yepsen claims to work for the people but has done nothing for them. Two sides of the same coin. She claims to be Pro Saratoga Horse Racing yet has done nothing to secure a 2010 season. After all she claims to have close ties to Governor Paterson, yet nothing to help Saratoga Springs. Now why would that be? At the Saratoga County level Ms. Yepsen continues to be a no show and has not introduced any new legislation. Yet she claims to be hard working. The real question is working hard at what? She does appear to be working hard to get a higher political office.

In the Democratic Party in Saratoga Springs and Saratoga County Yepsen likes to play both sides of the fence. She worked against Tom McTygue but yet now seeks his support for her run for the 43rd. What happened to Charter reform in the City of Saratoga Springs? Yepsen wanted that just like Val Keene did yet nothing happened.

Yepsen claims to be a "Progressive" with ties to Albany insiders yet nothing has come to help Saratoga Springs. Is having ties to Albany a good thing? Yepsen has supported Joe Bruno, David Paterson and Elliott Spitzer. What do all three have in common? The answer is the culture of corruption.

What does Yepsen stand for? Does she want Albany to continue with its culture of corruption in state government? She has never spoken out on ethics reform in state government. What is her view on NYS fiscal crisis? How does she plan on solving it? What does she want to cut from the NYS Budget? Does she want to raise our taxes?

This is the same person who wanted to run for congress 2 yrs ago but could not even fill out her petition correctly. This is the same candidate who wanted to run for Mayor of Saratoga Springs but was stopped by Val Keene and Ron Kim. This is the same candidate that wanted to run for Jim Tedisco Assembly Seat but was sent packing by the NYS Democrats in the Assembly. Now we are to believe she wants to run for the 43rd NYS Senate Seat. She appears to be just a politician looking for higher office all the time. Does the 43rd really need another carrier hack looking out for their next office or do we need a candidate that will work for the people?


  1. Great rant on Yepsen. I remember attending a Saratoga Westside 'do-gooder' function several years ago and hearing her ream out a local reporter because she didn't get the lead in a previous story and wanted to make sure she got enough face time with the current event.

    The real hidden question is, "What happen to her first campaign manager ?" Do a litte digging there and you will have another story.

  2. You nailed it right on the head here. I couldn't have said it better myself. It's all about her. She takes credit for stuff she doesn't do, doesn't pay people and claims to be all about the people, when in reality its, you guessed it, its all about her.

  3. How can Joanne manage to understand and vote for a $100 Billion plus State Budget, when she can't even manage to shovel her sidewak after every snowfall? If cleaning your sidewalk is over your capacity, how will she understand and vote for any bill or budget?