Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jasper Nolan Broke MY Heart

. Patrick Ziegler this week got a real taste of what the Saratoga County GOP is all about. Sorry to say it is not about Ziegler. Ziegler was betrayed by the Ballston GOP and the Saratoga County GOP. You see Patrick is considered a loose cannon because he does not play by Jasper’s rules. The Ballston GOP continues to let Jasper pull the strings. Jasper wants a win in the 20th and feels Gibson is his best shot, but Jasper also was the man behind John Sweeney. And we all know what happen to John.

No one is comparing Gibson to Sweeney except maybe Jasper. Patrick Ziegler went to bat for Hynes and her little water project just like Jasper wanted. They attacked Supervisor Southworth and look what it got him. He got used just like the taxpayer of Ballston will get used by Jasper. I am sure Patrick Ziegler heart is in the right place but he will never get elected for anything if he continues to march to Jasper’s GOP.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Patrick Ziegler blowing SMOKE

Ziegler smoke and mirrors

Patrick Ziegler wants us to believe he is an outsider to politics and truly wants as little government as possible. This is not supported by the facts and past history. If he is so opposed to government why has he spent the last six years working to get into government?

Mr. Ziegler is pumping out a lot of smoke as a reformer when in fact he is nothing more than part of the problem with our political parties being so polarized.

Mr. Ziegler proclaims to be anti-government and a tea party “activist”. Ziegler proclaims to be against the national healthcare reform because it is more government. How can this be, when his own family uses public assistance? Which Patrick Ziegler is running for Congress? Is it the Tea Party Activist who wants as little government as possible or is it the Patrick Ziegler that uses government aid?

Mr. Ziegler proclaims to be and independent republican. How can this be true? In fact Mr. Ziegler for his entire political career has been that of a political hack doing the bidding of his political bosses. He has even infiltrate the local tea party to get them to do the gop’s dirty work. Is this the type of person we want as congressman?
Ziegler is nothing more than a political opportunist working for his political boss, Jasper Nolan. Attention Jasper how’s your last puppet John Sweeny doing in jail? We want real congressman in office not puppets.