Friday, February 19, 2010

John Mellencamp for U.S. Senate

John Mellencamp for Senate

Indiana could not get a better Senator than John Mellencamp.
John is one of the great champions of small-town America. His voice has always been for the working people. Mellencamp has also been a champion of farmers, he has put his talent, his body and his money behind his words. What separates John from others that might run are his honesty and his connection with the Hartland of America.

Mellencamp would make an excellent U.S. Senator because he cares about the people and is not afraid to fight for what is right. Mellencamp will fight for us he won’t back down he will stand his ground.

John Mellencamp knows we live in a “Troubled Land” and we as Americans need to work together to solve the problems our country faces.
We can’t afford a U.S. Senate that is so polarized by political parties that it can’t function. Beware the political party that will drag us down with hate and fear. Its time to stop “Yelling at the Moon”. We need people who can work together for the common good of all. Now is the time for men of action that truly represent the People of America.

Your great state of Indian needs you. The People of America need you. Your Uncle Sam needs you John.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hello and welcome to Ballston and beyond

This blog is dedicated to America and all it holds true. We are in a time of crisis politically and economically in the USA. The truth has never been more important. At this Blog we will expose the truth. Topics on this blog will be both local and national in nature. Articles will enlighten and entertain but must of all they will give you the information needed to know the complete story.

This area is rich in history that has made America great. Uncle Sam is our symbol! Uncle Sam is a real local symbol of freedom and truth in America and he is our voice on this blog. We chose him because he has always fought for the people of this country.

We the citizens must hold our elected officials accountable! This great country stands at a turning point and an informed public is a must. This is our country and we need to fight to preserve her. The best way to fight is with the truth, and that is what we shall bring you.

Uncle Sam