Friday, February 19, 2010

John Mellencamp for U.S. Senate

John Mellencamp for Senate

Indiana could not get a better Senator than John Mellencamp.
John is one of the great champions of small-town America. His voice has always been for the working people. Mellencamp has also been a champion of farmers, he has put his talent, his body and his money behind his words. What separates John from others that might run are his honesty and his connection with the Hartland of America.

Mellencamp would make an excellent U.S. Senator because he cares about the people and is not afraid to fight for what is right. Mellencamp will fight for us he won’t back down he will stand his ground.

John Mellencamp knows we live in a “Troubled Land” and we as Americans need to work together to solve the problems our country faces.
We can’t afford a U.S. Senate that is so polarized by political parties that it can’t function. Beware the political party that will drag us down with hate and fear. Its time to stop “Yelling at the Moon”. We need people who can work together for the common good of all. Now is the time for men of action that truly represent the People of America.

Your great state of Indian needs you. The People of America need you. Your Uncle Sam needs you John.


  1. MELLENCAMP for the U-S-A!

    An absolutely STELLAR possibility for the return of the US to the vision of the Founding Fathers-- A government where a CITIZEN serves their community as STATESMAN, only to return HOME in a land where there is NO such thing as a "Career Politician."

    Meanwhile, here in today's Saratoga County and closer to home, does blog owner "UNCLE SAM" support this government's active political and financial support of "Abortion" as a means to terminate unwanted, accidental, and/or violently-induced pregnancies?

    -Kyle York
    New Reader
    Saratoga Springs

  2. Mr. York

    Thank you for your input. To answer your question YES. Abortion is a legal option that every woman should have and it is her choice to exercise that option if she decides it necessary. It is legal and should remain legal. Personally no person should be able to mandate what another person should do with their own body. The decision to abort is a personal and private matter that political parties should stay the HELL out of. I hope this answers your question Mr. York

  3. Well said.
    I thank you.

    I PROMISE this is my LAST question. Forgive me but I do like to understand the fundamental beliefs of a blogger.

    SO... do you believe our 30,000 citizen-soldiers, maybe more, can bring any acceptable form of "Democracy" to Afghanistan? For the record, I have written to every politician from City Hall to 1600 Pennsylvania stating that the Afghan mission is sheer madness, a timeless killing ground which WILL result in a death toll in excess of Vietnam... unless we face reality and depart ASAP. But that's me.

    -Again, welcome and Thank You!

    -Kyle York
    Saratoga Springs

  4. Kyle:

    You are not alone, may fine Americans share your view. As you know war should always be the last option. We are in one. We have lost many fine men and women in this conflict. I have shed many a tear for their loss. Your opinion like many others helps keep America strong and gives balance to the discussion. I don’t like how this fight started over there but we need to finish what we started. Remember TEDDY “speak softly and care a BIG STICK.”

    In short we can help them by allowing them to help themselves and that means Kicking the Taliban out of the country. Afghanistan is a country in which the people must have self determination. All we can do is give the people of Afghanistan an equal playing field to create their own destiny.

    When dealing with bullies you always have to bloody their noise. The Taliban are bullies and cowards so we must stand up to them. Our sons and daughter must never be put in harms way on a fool’s idea. We should have a timeline and a set plan to help Afghanistan and its people stand on their own. After that bring the troops home!!!!

  5. New post, please.
    We need your voice...

    ...and we appreciate your work.

    -Kyle York
    Down the Road in Saratoga Springs

  6. Just Curious here in Spa City-

    Is this a BLOG
    or a DEAD LINK?

    -Kyle York