Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hello and welcome to Ballston and beyond

This blog is dedicated to America and all it holds true. We are in a time of crisis politically and economically in the USA. The truth has never been more important. At this Blog we will expose the truth. Topics on this blog will be both local and national in nature. Articles will enlighten and entertain but must of all they will give you the information needed to know the complete story.

This area is rich in history that has made America great. Uncle Sam is our symbol! Uncle Sam is a real local symbol of freedom and truth in America and he is our voice on this blog. We chose him because he has always fought for the people of this country.

We the citizens must hold our elected officials accountable! This great country stands at a turning point and an informed public is a must. This is our country and we need to fight to preserve her. The best way to fight is with the truth, and that is what we shall bring you.

Uncle Sam


  1. I concur, welcome new kid on the block.

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