Sunday, March 21, 2010

Patrick Ziegler blowing SMOKE

Ziegler smoke and mirrors

Patrick Ziegler wants us to believe he is an outsider to politics and truly wants as little government as possible. This is not supported by the facts and past history. If he is so opposed to government why has he spent the last six years working to get into government?

Mr. Ziegler is pumping out a lot of smoke as a reformer when in fact he is nothing more than part of the problem with our political parties being so polarized.

Mr. Ziegler proclaims to be anti-government and a tea party “activist”. Ziegler proclaims to be against the national healthcare reform because it is more government. How can this be, when his own family uses public assistance? Which Patrick Ziegler is running for Congress? Is it the Tea Party Activist who wants as little government as possible or is it the Patrick Ziegler that uses government aid?

Mr. Ziegler proclaims to be and independent republican. How can this be true? In fact Mr. Ziegler for his entire political career has been that of a political hack doing the bidding of his political bosses. He has even infiltrate the local tea party to get them to do the gop’s dirty work. Is this the type of person we want as congressman?
Ziegler is nothing more than a political opportunist working for his political boss, Jasper Nolan. Attention Jasper how’s your last puppet John Sweeny doing in jail? We want real congressman in office not puppets.


  1. "If he is so opposed to government why has he spent the last six years working to get into government?"

    Are you sure you do not want to edit your blog to remove that incoherent thought? According to that statement, the only honest politician is a big government progressive.

    Also, if Patrick Ziegler has spent six years trying to get into government (although I would like to see your source for that), one would have to conclude that he is NOT a political hack. If Jasper Nolan was pulling his strings, then why did Chris Gibson win Saratoga County?

    It's easy to put up a blog with illogical thoughts and false accusations. It's a lot harder to actually influence someone with that nonsense. I'm sure the two other people who read this blog would agree with me.

  2. You are all wrong in various ways about Patrick. First of all, he was one of the first ones to hit the street against the left wing agenda and organize protests when everyone else including the local GOP wassitting on their buts.
    His entire political career began 6 months ago when he became a committeeman and the only person he was doing b idding for was his wonderful wife and children.
    His opinion on health care is quite clear that it is not a federal issue and therefore it is legally up to the states.
    The bottom line is that there is no agenda with the guy. He is running out of a sense of duty as a citizen. His flaw is that he fell for the GOP leaders bull lines and then dumped him like a red headed stepchild.
    The system is winning, unfortunatly patrick is not parft of it