Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yepsen I LOVE ME


This year’s 43rd NYS Senate race has two very distinctive and polar opposites running against each other. First and foremost we have the incumbent Senator Roy McDonald who is the everyman candidate. Roy is a devoted husband and father. He is also a Vietnam War Vet. During Roy’s time in elected office he has been a champion of those who can’t help themselves; his latest endeavor in this field has been to help draft new legislation to guarantee health insurance companies in NYS cover people with Autism.
Roy also donates too many local charities. This year Roy was instrumental in preventing NYS government from closing down and causing many hardships for those people that use these needed services while his opponent was raising money from insurance companies for her election race. That’s right while Roy was working for us, while Joanne Yepsen was working for herself.

Roy makes no false claims about himself unlike Yepsen in her U-Tube video. Yepsen implies that she is already a NYS Senator. Yepsen one of two City of Saratoga Springs County Supervisors, has no voting power in the city. Also one only has to look at her record at the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors to realize that she has never introduced any legislation at the county level. That’s right not one original idea or effort aimed at the people she allegedly serves. She claims to have brought “Pro-Serve” (discount insurance card the Saratoga Board of Supervisors now offers to county residents for free) to the Board of Saratoga County Supervisors. All she did was mention Pro Serve during a open meeting of the board, but it was already being worked on by two other supervisors for a full month prior to Yepsen claiming it was hers. Just a note her last fundraiser was sponsored in part by Pro-Serve. So who does Yepsen work for us, the insurance companies or just herself?

What do we want in November a representative that works for us (Roy McDonald) or one that works for herself (Joanne Yepsen)? Do we want the Real Deal, Roy McDonald or Joanne Yepsen?


  1. Yeah right. Roy the Boy, Wilton's champion.

    So you're saying the only thing Roy got done--autism--was something self serving (because it is in his family)?


  2. We'll choose Mrs Yepsen. She is obviously the superior choice

  3. How can Joanne manage to understand and vote for a $100 Billion plus State Budget, when she can't even manage to shovel her sidewalk after every snowfall? If cleaning your sidewalk is over your capacity, how will she understand and vote for any bill or budget